2014 Australian Enders Family Reunion

The 2014 reunion of the descendants of Jeremiah B. & Martha A. Enders was held on Sunday, April 27th, 2014 at the Stanhope Senior Citizens Hall in Victoria, Australia.

Enders Family Reunion Stanhope 2014 Group Photo - 61 in attendance.

Interstate and overseas attendees from the Gold Coast Qld, Lakesland NSW, Clunes Northern NSW, Nowra NSW, Perth WA, Darwin NT & Auckland New Zealand.

The following member recognitions were given:

Oldest Present at Reunion - Lorraine Ridoutt (nee Sprunt) of Mt Eliza 96 years and 10 months (born 19/6/1917)
Second oldest - Jean Mathieson (nee Enders) of Shepparton 96 years and 5 months (born 26/12/1918)
Youngest member - Toby Grant 2 years and 2 months from Boolarra Vic
Longest married couple present - Harold and Mavis Enders of Glenrowan previously Wangaratta, married 65years (Oct 1948)
Most recent married - Mark and Cheryl Enders of Perth married 3 years. (2011)
Furthest Travelled - The Brown sisters from Darwin (Burge Brown's daughters): Beryl Murphy, Sally Howarth & Judy Anictomatis
Next furthest was Mark and Cheryl Enders from Perth followed by Diana Caldwell from Auckland NZL.
All deserve a mention for the distances travelled.