Captain Enders' Legion

The Civil War Service of
The Descendants of
Philip Christian Enders

INTRODUCTION AND SALE OF OUR HISTORIC ENDERS CIVIL WAR BOOK, "CAPTAIN ENDERS LEGION," the Civil War service of the descendants of Philip Christian Enders and his sister, Elizabeth Enders Fahnestock. This 450 page book, depicting the life and death struggles of 162 family members, in a profile format, who fought gallantly for the North and the South; of which twenty died of wounds and disease. Eighty-seven served from Dauphin County and over 100 passed through Camp Curtin in Harrisburg during this tragic war.
This book, which took 4-1/2 years to complete was co-authored by family members Russ Ottens of Tifton, GA and Karl Schaeffer from Massillon, OH. Extensive family genealogy and military research was involved. The book has a distinctive and historic jacket (cover) and the graphics on the face of the book are museum quality. All profits go to the "Enders Family Association," for continual upkeep of our facilities at the "Ender's Grove." Cost of this publication is $35.00, plus a modest fee of $3.00 for Shipping and Handling, where necessary. This book will be a "collectible" for related family and non-family who are doing Civil War genealogical research of Pennsylvania Regiments.
The following "copy" is on the inside of the book "jacket cover," reviewing the highlights and contents of this publication.

"On June 27, 1764, Capt. Philip Christian Enders and his wife Anna left their homeland in Germany and sailed on the English Ship Jeneffer, bound for America. They arrived in Philadelphia on November 5th of the same year. Philip had entered the German Army during the Seven Years War (1756-1763), fighting in numerous battles, serving under Prince Wilhelm Heinrich.  He served with distinction, rose to the rank of Captain, and was assigned to the Royal Guard, serving in the Royal Household of Prince Henry of Nassau. The new roots of the Enders family in America would run deep with a rich heritage that would be passed down from generation to generation. To further express his loyalty to his new country, Captain Enders served in the American Revolution in the Pennsylvania Militia.

The Captain and his wife were blessed with fourteen children in their new Pennsylvania homeland, and many of their numerous descendants say service in the America Civil War. Authors Russell J. Ottens and Karl F. Schaeffer have compiled a chronicle of these men, whether related by marriage or blood to Captain Enders. Also included are are those descended from Elizabeth Enders Fahnestock, the sister of Captain Enders who journeyed with her brother on the same ship to the same new land. The personal histories of 162 men who experienced hardship, sickness, and death in a fratricidal four year struggle are preserved in this book , so that their part in the Civil War and the history of the United States won't be forgotten by future generations.

In addition to chronicling the Civil War service of the descendants of Captain Enders, this book also provides a great deal of genealogical information. The majority of the veterans were from Pennsylvania, but others served from Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Missouri, New York, Ohio, and Virginia. Surnames include:

Ambrose, Barry, Baughman, Bender, Bodder, Bonawitz, Bowman, Buchler, Chubb, Cogley, Cooper, Culp, Eberly, Enders, Fahnestock, Foster, Fundenburg, Good, Greegor, Haynes, Helt, Hemphill, Hindman, Hoerner, Hoffman, Hoover, Hubbard, Meckley, Miller, Minnich, Nace, Nice, Paul (Powle), Peters, Phillips, Plett, Reasner, Reed, Seagrist, Seal, Seiders, Sheesly, Shoop, Snearly, Snyder, Straw (Stroh), Thornton, Tobias, Tschopp, Tyson, Warfel, Weber, Whitman, Wilbert, Woland, Zimmerman."

Our family members who fought for the North and the South served honorably. Not one of these brave men deserted and many suffered wounds, dismemberment, and chronic diseases. Some lived and some died in Confederate prisons. This unforgiving war, took the lives of twenty of our family from wounds and disease.
This Publication records the personal and historical events in the order in which they happened. The regimental histories are graphic in detailing the horrors of this most tragic of wars. "Lest We Forget!"

Co-authors Russ Ottens
and Karl Schaeffer