Genealogical Affiliation

We have listed the first four generations of the descendants of Philip Christian Enders as listed in A Comprehensive Genealogy of the Enders Family Volume III (1740-2004); If you are not sure if you have a connection to Philip Christian Enders you may email Marilyn Henninger (, who will be happy to look for your ancestor in The Enders Genealogy Volume III.

If a family link cannot be established, a brief write-up can be placed on our Researchers Page. Please contact Marilyn Henninger ( for details.

Website Content and Design

Over the years, several individuals have contributed to the Ender's Family Association website. The original layout, which inspired the current design, was envisioned by David Neagley in 2000. In 2012 it was updated by Donald McElheny. The Enders Family Association thanks those who have contributed for their work. It is greatly appreciated.

Today the website is maintained by Liteirene LLC and managed by Marilyn Henninger. Please direct any questions or comments regarding website content or design to Marilyn Henninger (