2001 Trip Pictures

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Our interesting Heidleberg tourguide with our #1 tourguide, Elizabeth. Heidelberg Castle Walter, our bus driver, took on every challenge with a smile. The Neiss Winery is located in Kindenheim, Germany. Marilyn Henninger arranged a wine-tasting and winery tour. Axel Neiss, the owner of the winery, is Marilyn's long-distance cousin. Marilyn's maiden name is Nice (a.k.a. Neiss). Axel's parents and girlfriend, Ludi Neiss, Katja, Christine Neiss, shown with Marilyn. The Wellingtons Ann Kapoor deciding how many bottles she can carry home! The sandwiches were tasty and plentiful. Wine. More wine! The view from the winery. (L. to R.) Marilyn Henninger, Klaus Enders, Dolly and Cecil Pottieger. This picture was taken by Bruce Wright who was visiting from Australia.