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Marilyn Wilbert (mewilbert@pa.net) – researching the surnames Wilbert, Potteiger, Warfel and Kitzmiller.
Marilyn Henninger (marilynmhenninger@gmail.com) – researching the surnames Neiss, Barge, Harman, and Herrold.

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I don't know if there is any relation between my ancestors and yours, but I think you make a great and intereresting work - It's really captivating to read about the history of your branch of our family name. I'm from Germany, Hessen - near by Kassel in the middle of Germany. My father is Harry Enders, was born 1931 in Kassel, Hessen, Germany. My grandfather was Karl Enders, born 1900 in Fritzlar near by Kassel in Hessen, Germany - his spouse was Berta Schulz.

Are there any readers who are familiar with this branch of the family. At the moment I live in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.  Thank you very much - Best wishes from Germany - Susanne Enders.

I have the following Enders in my family tree and am seeking and sharing information on them:

Enders, Barbara Jane (b. January 17, 1938)
Enders, Ferdinand Charles (b. March 29, 1880; d. September 04, 1943)
Enders, James A. F.
Enders, Margaret Josephine
Descendants of Ferdinand Charles Enders:
1. Ferdinand Charles Enders (b. March 29, 1880 in Lykens, Dauphin Co., PA; d. September 04, 1943 in Ashland, Barry Twp., Schuylkill Co., PA)
    +Katie Alice Wolfgang (b. March 20, 1887 in Mahantango Twp., Schuylkill (once Berks) Co., PA; m. October 1909 in Gratz, Dauphin Co., PA; d. May 19, 1939 in Valley View, Schuylkill Co., PA)
2. Margaret Josephine Enders
    +Ralph Martin Welker

I live in Buffalo, NY, my gg grandmother was Kunigunda Enders of Bavaria, Germany. She married Peter (Purner) Puerner and immigrated to America (Hamburg to NY aboard SS Cimbria) in 1871. The couple eventually became residents of Buffalo in 1875, purchased a home and are said to have had 9 children.

Kunigunda Enders-Puerner was born @ 1841 and died 11 March 1887. I believe Kunigunda's parents were George and Margaret Enders of Germany.

Peter Purner was born about 1837 and died 14 Dec 1902. Their children are: Charles, Dorothy, Anna, Mary, Peter and Michael.

I am excited about the possibility of your Williamsville, NY born relative Jeremiah Enders connecting our trees! Williamsville is practically in my backyard. I have a good collection of material with solid sources for the Puerner's in NY but very very little German data. I recall at one point searching Buffalo City Directory's and finding some Enders listed. I also have found a super concentration of Puerner's in Jefferson County, WI.

I am looking for any help on filling in info on the sister of my great grandmother. She was born Pauline Leitheuser but died Pauline Enders. Buried with her is an infant child Henry Enders. I have no clue who she was married to. Pauline was born 1874 and died 1902. Her husband (Enders) probably remarried because she died so young. I know this a long shot but any ideas would be greatly welcomed!! Thanks, Glenn

Stumbled across this "Enders" site and thought I would contact you. I am married to one of the Enders family. My wife, Elizabeth, is a grandchild of Elvia Enders Richards. Thomas Enders who you display on your web site was Elvia's father. The Enders in Connecticut lived in Hartford and were amongst the founders of the Aetna Life and Casualty Co. Thomas Enders was the 2nd president of the Aetna. The family summered and now lives in Waterford, CT. Amongst the other family members of note are John Franklin Enders Nobel prize winner in medicine, Ostrum Enders president of the Hartford National Bank, his sons Thomas and Anthony who were respectfully the U.S. Ambassador to Canada and managing director of Brown Brothers Haramon.

The family is still situated in Waterford, CT with many descendents. We get together every July.

I'm interested in Enders in Schoharie and Montgomery Co., NY. The start point would be Bertram Enders who came from the lower Palatinate with the second German immigration to America which arrived in NY mid 1710.

I know that my ancestors left the Palatine sometime in the 18th century, and settled in the Schoharie Valley in New York. My great-grandfather, Thomas Ostrom Enders, left NY and came to Hartford Connecticut, where our family has lived since then. Are there any readers who are familiar with this branch of the family?

I am from Central New York near Syracuse. My Fathers name was Paul J Enders, his fathers name was Charles L Enders, his fathers name was Jacob Enders

I am wondering if anyone has any information on the Enders that lived in Schoharie county, New York in early 1800's.  I am specifically lookingfor information on Susannah (Susan) Enders born 1806 who was the daughterof William Enders and Mabel Zendel.  She married a Renseller Germanin 1825.  I think William's father was a Johannes Enders. Any infoyou can give me would be appreciated.

I am of no relation to this branch of the Enders but am still very excited to see our name on a Webpage. I had no idea the Enders were that spread-out in the world! Great Webpage and wonderful work ! My relations were from Germany and WI. John Baptiste Enders and Barbara Miesner. Does anyone have any information about their families?

MARIE-THERESA ENDERS MILLER Father - FERDINAND ENDERS, Mother Anna Brueder. G.Parents JOHANN ADAM ENDERS & Barbara REDER of Frankenheim, Germany Marie T. Enders Miller was born February 10, 1881 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen Bavaria [Black Forest] Germany, and died August 23, 1952 in Det, Mi. age 71 yr's She married WILLIAM GROVER MILLER January 5, 1904 in Norfolk County, Virginia. son of WILLIAM MILLER and MARTHA MOSS. He was born December 2, 1884 in Berkley, Norfolk County, Virginia, and died March 3, 1979 in Lodge, Virginia. Va. (94) years. Ships Records: Listed Marie ENDERS Last residence in Frankenheim, Germany. She sailed on the Kaiser Wilhelm. on August 30, 1898 and arrived in America on 7 September 1898. Traveling with 2 sisters, Sabina ENDERS24, and Kath ENDERS25. Marie ENDERS is my husband's Grandmother.

I am the grandson of Marlin S. Enders (05/08/11) His Great, great grandfather was Hans Christian Enders, that came to PA from Germany.

I am not new to your site, having found it a few years ago and being in touch with Cecil Pottigier ever since. That has been fun as we try to figure out how our Enders lines connect. I live about 20 miles east of Vancouver, BC, and most Enders in Canada are related to each other somehow. There are a few who are not, now and then, often with connections to the American Enders, including one in my town. Most are descendants of my great grandfather Heinrich Jakob Enders who came to Canada in 1892 and settled near Edmonton, Alberta. He was married to the sister(Maria) of my mother's grandfather, Friedrich Ulmer. Friedrich's very extended family bunch came over together, hence Heinrich Enders with them. I never knew about his own family until recently, but now have my Enders line back to Gabriel Enders, born about 1700, in Eckweiler, Germany. His son Christoph Enders married and lived in Kirschroth. They emigrated to Galicia when the Austro Hungarian Empire was taking lots of settlers. That was about the same time that the American Enders began living there. I have a great deal of information about Galizien records for those of German descent, including 150 village files of records. I can let you know what I have if you email me and I will send back a summary you can share if others ask you. Cecil suggested I get in touch -- one of these days we hope to figure out how the two branches of Enders really do connect.

Finally found something about the Enders family. I am the grand-daughter of Otto Oscar Paul Enders, born Germany 5.5.1901 (husband of Auguste Henriette). Grandfather was interred in Australia during WWII and my mother and grandmother were re-united with him after the war and lived (and died) in Mount Isa, Queensland. Would love to know if there is any connection with your Enders clan.

My Grandfather was Edward John Enders (St. Louis, Mo.) my father is Edward Owen Enders (St. Louis, Mo.). And of course I'm Edward Keith Enders (St. Louis, Mo.) I Don't have any information about were I come from before my Grandfather. I do know that years ago he was invited to the reunion in Penn. and in Australia. But he was not able to make the trips. I want to know where I fit into the tree. Can someone help me out on this information? One more question about the Enders seal, where did that come from? Thanks for you time

My father was Ronald Grand Enders > born July 8, 1931 in Detroit MI. His father was Elmer Ferdi Enders and died when my father was three years old. My father had no contact with the Enders family after that. I believe Elmer was born in Ohio and had 13 brothers and sisters including a Carrie Enders from Chicago. I also know that my father had a cousin named William Enders of Traverse City  MI.

I have traced our family registery to Johann W. Enders Appenrod Germany c1840. Apperrod is a a little town east of Hamberg, I think. Johann died in Indianapolis In in 1910. The documents are in German and the copy is hard to read. If this rings a bell with any genelogist please write.

Growing up in Freeman, SD, my family was the only Enders family in town. I can't believe there are so many other Enders family members. I still don't know if we are related but would really like to find out. My greatgrandfather was Konrad Enders II and his wife was Elizabeth Becker. I am told they were from Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany. I know they had at least 2 daughters, Louisa and Emilia, and sons named Karl and Conrad. My grandfather, Conrad Enders, came to America (Michigan) in 1892 by himself when he was 15 yrs. old. At the age of 22, he enlisted and served in the Spanish American War. He died when I was 3 yrs. old so I don't have any memory of him. My father died at the age of 58 when I was only 23 yrs. old and not interested in my family history yet. Now when I would like to know more, there is no one to answer my questions. If you have any information of my side of the Enders family, I would sincerely appreciate hearing from you. Thank you!

My great grand-mother's name was Margaret Edna Enders, b. 2/1/1891 IN d. 9/28/1956 Vigo Co., IN. Siblings: Eva 1893 -1939 Alvin Kester 1897-1871, Paul 1909-1958. Her parents were: John J (Jacob?) Enders b. 10/21/1863 Clark CO d. 1931 Vigo CO. He married Sallie Kester. This is where I am not sure. The 1880 census says John Jacob Enders' father was born in England, mother born in Ohio. Information from families have given me John Jacob's father is John Peter, went by Peter, married Hannah Ream. Peter being born in Germany and Hannah being born in Ohio. This is where I get lost I can not find John Peter entering the United States.

Other discrepancies are in the 1900 census, Linton Township Vigo IN Hannah Enders in married to James P Enders. Showing same age and having a sister Mary M. . James P. being born in Germany as were both parents. Hannah was born in OH and parents in PA. I have many photos specifying John and Sallie hope someone can help or give me a clue.

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Roger & Sue Cramer's Homepage – Excellent website with lots of information.
Web Spider Genealogy – Specializing in McKinney, Byers, Laraway, & Barth.  Growing Rapidly!