2001 Trip to the Ancestral Homeland

A "Palatine to America" trip to Germany led by The Reverend Dr. Cecil Pottieger took place in May 2001.  Here you will find pictures submitted by Jane Lahey.
Group Photograph

Row 4 Left to Right: Michael Hager, Gus Mellick, Donna Mellick, Jerry Walrath, Keith Lasher, Charlotte Lasher, Mary Lou Delahunt, Gerald Miller, Suzanne - City Guide

Row 3 Left to Right: Jerry Bravick, Sue Wellington, James Feit, Jane Feit, Robert Good, Nancy Meyer, Lee M. McDougal, Jeannine Miller, Robert Markham

Row 2 Left to Right: Don Enders, Kit Enders, Darlene Wellington, Joe Lebherz, Margaret Lebherz, Jane Lahey, Marilyn Henninger, Letha Markham, Elizabeth Lutz - Tour Guide

Row 1 Left to Right: Jane Mager, Donna E. Bickle, Elinor M. Paris, John M. Paris, Joy Monroe, Joyce Decker, Janet Binkly, Robert Chambers, Bob Delahunt

On the 2001 Trip but not on this photo: Linda Dietick, Marian Dietrick, Ann Kapor, Jane Kniffen, Bob McDougal, Dr. Pottieger, Dolly Pottieger.

(Thanks to Bob Markham for supplying the names!)