2001 Trip to the Ancestral Homeland

Johann Philip Enders, known as PHILIP CHRISTIAN ENDERS, was born July 22, 1740 in Breunigweiler, Palatine, Germany.  On May 13, 1764 he married ANNA APOLONIA DEGAN, who was born January 12, 1746 in nearby Sippersfeld, Palatine, Germany.

In 1999 a group of genealogists led by The Reverend Dr. Cecil Pottieger traveled to Germany and Switzerland.  We were kindly received by the congregation in the hometown of our Enders ancestors.
Enders cousins, Mae
Enders Thompson 1-7-
1-3-7-2-2, Marilyn Nice
Henninger 1-14-9-2-4-5-
3-1, and The Rev. Dr.
Cecil Pottieger 1-7-5-3-
2-7-2, standing in front
of the home church of
Philip Enders in
Breunigweiler, Germany.
The home church of
Anna Apolonia Degen
in Sippersfeld, Germany.
This tower is the oldest
part of the church and
would have been
standing when Anna and
Philip left Germany. The
pastor rang the bell for
us that Anna would have
heard as she was
growing up.
Standing in front of Anna
Apolonia Degen's home
church are the current
pastor and The Rev.
Dr. Cecil Pottieger.
This beautiful altar in the
church at Sippersfeld was
built sometime after Anna
Apolonia Degan left
The sleepy little town of Breunigweiler,
Germany where Philip Christian Enders
was born and he and his bride Anna
Apolonia Degan departed from in 1764.